About Us

“Born a girl does not mean born behind”

Established in 2018

The ladybird club, is an initiative of Audrey Esi Swatson, Ghana’s youngest female pilot, an aviation influencer and leader with a simple mission to support girls in aviation by providing access to development tools, programs and resources.
The aim is to connect women aviators worldwide and provide support for development of aviation that meets the needs of women and girls.

Audrey Esi Swatson’s Statement

“On behalf of Team Excel, I welcome you onboard our Girl Force Club. What an exciting time for members of our organization. We are pilots, mechanics, flight dispatchers, flight attendants, astronauts, educators, enthusiasts and officials of the military. We are the LADYBIRDS!
When I stand on a stage to share my story, I feel like I am holding a mirror for others to connect with their own vulnerability: their own defiant human spirit.
The driving credo that has been salient for me and I will tell people this for as long as I’m breathing, ”Do not allow the ignorance, prejudice and negative actions of others influence and change who you are.” How much at all is life? F•L•Y, girl- First Love Yourself”


Drive . Passion . Inspiration

We at Excel Aviation believe these 3 things pave the pathway to success; You cannot force someone to love something; you can only hope to inspire him or her. These inspirations spark passion in our imagination, and we begin to dream. But our dream only take us so far, then comes drive. When we inspire and  put passion behind our drive we can succeed and continue to inspire others.


In support of girls who set their dreams way up in the sky, to explore their excitement of flying program for girls interested in learning to fly or simply find a space in the aviation industry.


EAL envisions a world in which women’s contributions are celebrated, a world  in which women enjoy equal treatment and are united. A social transition that truly empowers women in all roles they wish to accommodate especially in the aviation industry while providing them with the tools by which they can fulfill their full potential.

Together we inspire girls to dream of aviation careers that are far in the distance and motivate teens to apply for scholarships that can make flight training plans a reality.